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Próximos Eventos

  • 20 يونيو, 7:00 م – 8:15 م
    Online Seminar Series
    A year-long online seminar series featuring practitioners and researchers from fourteen countries take up the question of how the arts and arts therapies can promote equity, voice, agency, and care:
  • BADth Conference 2023
    الجمعة 29 سبتمبر
    29 سبتمبر, 6:00 م غرينتش+1 – 30 سبتمبر, 8:00 م غرينتش+1
    Birmingham/The Holiday Inn, Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham B5 4EW, UK
    The Annual Drama Therapy Conference by the British Association of Drama Therapy
  • NADTA Conference 2023
    الخميس 12 أكتوبر
    12 أكتوبر, 9:00 ص غرينتش-4 – 15 أكتوبر, 6:00 م غرينتش-4
    Niagara Falls, 300 3rd St, Niagara Falls, NY 14303, USA
    Annual Drama Therapy Conference by the North American Drama Therapy Association
Únase a nuestras reuniones comunitarias en varios lugares del mundo

Próximos Eventos

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